About Us

ArcherBD is a management consulting company that provides technology and business development services to a variety of industrial clients.  

Key target markets are North American upstream oil and gas operators and service companies requiring management, technology development, sales, engineering or due diligence related services.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Technology portfolio management
  • Technology commercialization, business model development and execution
  • IbexTM technology expertise and knowhow
  • In-situ oil sands surface technology expertise and due diligence
  • Carbon capture technologies
  • Carbon Fibre technology
  • Enhanced Oil recovery subsurface expertise
  • Water treatment technologies
  • Sulfur recovery and use sulfur based chemicals processes
  • Process engineering; technology vetting
  • B2B business development and sales
  • Mergers and acquisitions technical and commercial contracts due diligence
  • Business and operations management