About Us

My name is Rodger Bernar and I am a business and technology development professional with remarkable expertise in all facets of business, strategy, business analysis, customer acquisition and retention, product development and management. I am tech savvy and a transformational leader with innate skills to commercialize new products or services to existing and new clientele. I have a proven capacity to maximize staff performance and strengthen the overall bottom-line of various businesses. I am skilled in researching and determining new business development opportunities across Oil and Gas, refining, fuels, chemicals, power generation, fertilizer, and pulp and paper sectors ensuring value propositions materially align with priorities. I have an innate efficiency in initiating, modifying, and executing sales or technology strategies to optimize the outcomes from the total portfolio of opportunities. I have a demonstrated ability to manage multi-million-dollar budgets to meet current and future financial needs.

Connect with me today to find out how I’ll make your mission my mission, and to help make ALL of your business objectives real!